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DST: India-Sweden Collaborative Industrial R&D Programme

DST: India-Sweden Collaborative Industrial R&D Programme – 2021

DST: India-Sweden Collaborative Industrial R&D Programme – 2021India-Sweden Collaborative Industrial Research & Development Programme 2020 on “Smart Grid”- Request for Proposal 2020 between Department of Science & Technology (DST), Government of India and Swedish Energy Agency, Sweden.

The collaborative projects should be innovative and focused on creating possibilities for future new technologies, services or processes that will eventually lead to commercialization in the area of Smart Grid The eligibility of Indian Project Coordinator (IPC) is that he must be a commercial (for profit) company under the Indian Companies Act 1956/2013, which operates in and is headquartered in India.

Eligibility for India-Sweden Collaborative Industrial Research

The Indian Project leader must be employed at the IPC.

• At least 51% stake of the IPC Company must be owned by Indian citizens.

• The IPC should have the required expertise and team capacity to manage the proposed project.

• Sole proprietors and partnership firms are not eligible for support under this programme.

• Companies headquartered and owned outside India and their

subsidiaries in India, or vice versa, are not eligible to apply as Indian applicant and/ or receive funding from DST under

this programme.

• IPC should lead the project from the Indian side and if required bring in other Industry Partners and/or Academic/R&D Institutions (including not-for-profit research institutes recognised by DSIR/ registered at DARPAN

portal) as Consortium Partner.

More Information: India-Sweden Collaborative Industrial Research

Closing date of RFP: 20 May, 2021