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Student debt in the Netherlands


Student debt in the Netherlands

Student debt in the Netherlands

Studying is something many people enjoy doing. As a child you look forward to it, because you want to become a doctor, or a teacher, or a veterinarian or maybe a pilot or something else. It is then important that you study and that is not possible in the Netherlands for free. Books cost money, but you also have to pay tuition fees, sometimes you rent a room and so there is a lot involved when you go to study, especially in terms of costs.

What does a study cost?

Every year the tuition fees get higher, books cost money, you need a pen, paper, folders and everything and more to write everything down. You often need a laptop, maybe you have to rent a room and buy a public transport to travel up and down every day. There are therefore quite a few costs and the amount of the study also depends on the level, where you are going to study and what year it is. It cannot be said by default what the fixed amount is for a study because it varies widely. That is why it is good to calculate for yourself what you will spend on your studies each year, so that you know approximately what you will have to pay back later.

Amount of student debt

We have looked at a few figures from a few years ago. Research has shown very clearly that there are many people with a student debt in the Netherlands. For example, there were 1.4 million in 2019. In 2015 it was 388,000 people. In the Netherlands, people had an average student debt of 13,700 euros in 2019. This seems like a considerable amount, it is even if you have to pay it back, but if you add it together all the years that you have studied, then you understand very well where the amount comes from.