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PublisherJournal NameISSNFrequencyImpact Factor
1IEEEIEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials
Journal HomeISSN : 1553-877XQuarterly17.18800
2IEEEIEEE Industrial Electronics Magazine
Journal HomeISSN : 1932-4529Quarterly10.71000
3IEEEIEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation
Journal HomeISSN : 1089-778XBimonthly10.62900
4IEEEIEEE Communications Magazine
Journal HomeISSN : 0163-6804Monthly10.43500
5IEEEIEEE Signal Processing Magazine
Journal HomeISSN : 1053-5888Bimonthly9.65400
6UCLAJournal of Statistical Software
Journal HomeISSN : 1548-7660Irregular9.43600
7IEEEProceedings of the IEEE
Journal HomeISSN : 0018-9219Monthly9.23700
8IEEEIEEE Wireless Communications
Journal HomeISSN : 1536-1284Bimonthly8.97200
9MARY ANNSoft Robotics
Journal HomeISSN : 2169-5172Quarterly8.64900
10IEEEIEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence
Journal HomeISSN : 0162-8828Monthly8.32900
11SpringerInternational Journal of Computer Vision
Journal HomeISSN : 0920-5691Monthly8.22200
12IEEEIEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications
Journal HomeISSN : 0733-8716Monthly8.08500
13IEEEIEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems
Journal HomeISSN : 1063-6706Bimonthly7.67100
14IEEEIEEE Transactions on Cybernetics
Journal HomeISSN : 2168-2267Monthly7.38400
Journal HomeISSN : 1367-4803Semimonthly7.30700
16IEEEIEEE Network
Journal HomeISSN : 0890-8044Bimonthly7.23000
17IEEEIEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics
Journal HomeISSN : 0278-0046Monthly7.16800
18PalgraveJournal of Information Technology
Journal HomeISSN : 0268-3962Quarterly6.95300
19IEEEIEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics
Journal HomeISSN : 1551-3203Quarterly6.76400
20ACMACM Computing Surveys
Journal HomeISSN : 0360-0300Quarterly6.74800
21IEEEIEEE Transactions on Smart Grid
Journal HomeISSN : 1949-3053Bimonthly6.64500
22ElsevierISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
Journal HomeISSN : 0924-2716Quarterly6.38700
23IEEEIEEE Computational Intelligence Magazine
Journal HomeISSN : 1556-603XQuarterly6.34300
24WorldSciInternational Journal of Neural Systems
Journal HomeISSN : 0129-0657Bimonthly6.33300
25ElsevierRemote Sensing of Environment
Journal HomeISSN : 0034-4257Monthly6.26500
26IEEEIEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems
Journal HomeISSN : 2162-237XMonthly6.10800
27BlackwellComputer-Aided Civil and Infrastructure Engineering
Journal HomeISSN : 1093-9687Monthly5.78600
28ElsevierInformation Fusion
Journal HomeISSN : 1566-2535Quarterly5.66700
Journal HomeISSN : 0005-1098Monthly5.45100
30IEEEIEEE Journal on Selected Topics in Signal Processing
Journal HomeISSN : 1932-4553Bimonthly5.30100
31SAGEInternational Journal of Robotics Research
Journal HomeISSN : 0278-3649Monthly5.30100
32ElsevierNeural Networks
Journal HomeISSN : 0893-6080Monthly5.28700
33IOSIntegrated Computer-Aided Engineering
Journal HomeISSN : 1069-2509Quarterly5.26400
Journal HomeISSN : 1066-033XMonthly5.19600
35JMIRJournal of Medical Internet Research
Journal HomeISSN : 1438-8871Quarterly5.17500
36ElsevierVehicular Communications
Journal HomeISSN : 2214-2096Quarterly5.10800
37SpringerArchives of Computational Methods in Engineering
Journal HomeISSN : 1134-3060Quarterly5.06100
38ACMACM Transactions on Computer Systems
Journal HomeISSN : 0734-2071Quarterly5.04500
39MicrotimeJournal of Machine Learning Research
Journal HomeISSN : 1532-4435Bimonthly5.00000
40IEEEIEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications
Journal HomeISSN : 1536-1276Bimonthly4.95100
41IEEEIEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing
Journal HomeISSN : 0196-2892Monthly4.94200
42WileyJournal of Field Robotics
Journal HomeISSN : 1556-4959Bimonthly4.88200
43ElsevierInformation Sciences
Journal HomeISSN : 0020-0255Semimonthly4.83200
44IEEEIEEE Transactions on Image Processing
Journal HomeISSN : 1057-7149Monthly4.82800
45ElsevierArtificial Intelligence
Journal HomeISSN : 0004-3702Monthly4.79700
46TaylorHuman-Computer Interaction
Journal HomeISSN : 0737-0024Bimonthly4.66700
47ElsevierPattern Recognition
Journal HomeISSN : 0031-3203Monthly4.58200
48ElsevierKnowledge-Based Systems
Journal HomeISSN : 0950-7051Bimonthly4.52900
49IEEEIEEE Vehicular Technology Magazine
Journal HomeISSN : 1556-6072Quarterly4.42900
50ElsevierEnvironmental Modelling and Software
Journal HomeISSN : 1364-8152Monthly4.40400
51IEEEIEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security
Journal HomeISSN : 1556-6013Monthly4.33200
52IEEEIEEE Transactions on Signal Processing
Journal HomeISSN : 1053-587XSemimonthly4.30000
53IEEEIEEE Transactions on Automatic Control
Journal HomeISSN : 0018-9286Monthly4.27000
54SpringerVLDB Journal
Journal HomeISSN : 1066-8888Bimonthly4.26900
55ChemistryCenJournal of Cheminformatics
Journal HomeISSN : 1758-2946Irregular4.22000
56ElsevierMedical Image Analysis
Journal HomeISSN : 1361-8415Bimonthly4.18800
57IEEEIEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits
Journal HomeISSN : 0018-9200Monthly4.18100
58IEEEIEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems
Journal HomeISSN : 1045-9219Monthly4.18100
Journal HomeISSN : 1350-1917Bimonthly4.12200
60ACMACM Transactions on Graphics
Journal HomeISSN : 0730-0301Bimonthly4.08800
61IEEEIEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology
Journal HomeISSN : 0018-9545Monthly4.06600
62IEEEIEEE Transactions on Communications
Journal HomeISSN : 0090-6778Monthly4.05800
63IEEEIEEE Transactions on Robotics
Journal HomeISSN : 1552-3098Bimonthly4.03600
64ACMCommunications of the ACM
Journal HomeISSN : 0001-0782Monthly4.02700
65ElsevierFuture Generation Computer Systems
Journal HomeISSN : 0167-739XBimonthly3.99700
66SAGEStatistical Methods in Medical Research
Journal HomeISSN : 0962-2802Bimonthly3.95300
67WileyBell Labs Technical Journal
Journal HomeISSN : 1089-7089Quarterly3.94400
68IEEEIEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging
Journal HomeISSN : 0278-0062Monthly3.94200
69ElsevierComputer Physics Communications
Journal HomeISSN : 0010-4655Monthly3.93600
70ElsevierExpert Systems with Applications
Journal HomeISSN : 0957-4174Semimonthly3.92800
71SharpeInternational Journal of Electronic Commerce
Journal HomeISSN : 1086-4415Quarterly3.90000
72ElsevierSwarm and Evolutionary Computation
Journal HomeISSN : 2210-6502Bimonthly3.89300
73IEEEIEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology
Journal HomeISSN : 1063-6536Bimonthly3.88200
74IEEEIEEE Systems Journal
Journal HomeISSN : 1932-8184Quarterly3.88200
75MITPressEvolutionary Computation
Journal HomeISSN : 1063-6560Quarterly3.82600
76IEEEIEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing
Journal HomeISSN : 1536-1233Monthly3.82200
77ElsevierComputers & Education
Journal HomeISSN : 0360-1315Monthly3.81900
78IEEEIEEE Transactions on Broadcasting
Journal HomeISSN : 0018-9316Quarterly3.76500
79IEEEIEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems
Journal HomeISSN : 1524-9050Quarterly3.72400
80BMJJournal of the American Medical Informatics Association : JAMIA
Journal HomeISSN : 1067-5027Bimonthly3.69800
81IEEEJournal of Lightwave Technology
Journal HomeISSN : 0733-8724Semimonthly3.67100
82SpringerUser Modelling and User-Adapted Interaction
Journal HomeISSN : 0924-1868Tri-annual3.62500
83IEEEIEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology
Journal HomeISSN : 1051-8215Monthly3.59900
84ElsevierApplied Soft Computing
Journal HomeISSN : 1568-4946Monthly3.54100
85IEEEIEEE Transactions on Services Computing
Journal HomeISSN : 1939-1374Quarterly3.52000
86IEEEIEEE Transactions on Multimedia
Journal HomeISSN : 1520-9210Bimonthly3.50900
87IEEEIEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering
Journal HomeISSN : 1545-5955Quarterly3.50200
88ElsevierJournal of Network and Computer Applications
Journal HomeISSN : 1084-8045Bimonthly3.50000
89Now PubFoundations and Trends in Information Retrieval
Journal HomeISSN : 1554-0669Quarterly3.50000
90ElsevierJournal of Strategic Information Systems
Journal HomeISSN : 0963-8687Quarterly3.48600
91SpringerInternational Journal of Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning
Journal HomeISSN : 1556-1607Quarterly3.46900
92IEEEIEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics
Journal HomeISSN : 2168-2194Bimonthly3.45100
93SpringerCognitive Computation
Journal HomeISSN : 1866-9956Quarterly3.44100
94IEEEIEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering
Journal HomeISSN : 1041-4347Monthly3.43800
95ElsevierComputers in Human Behavior
Journal HomeISSN : 0747-5632Quarterly3.43500
96ElsevierTelematics and Informatics
Journal HomeISSN : 0736-5853Quarterly3.39800
97WileyInternational Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Control
Journal HomeISSN : 1049-8923Semimonthly3.39300
98SpringerBusiness and Information Systems Engineering
Journal HomeISSN : 1867-0202Bimonthly3.39200
99IEEEIEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking
Journal HomeISSN : 1063-6692Bimonthly3.37600
100ElsevierComputer Communications
Journal HomeISSN : 0140-3664Monthly3.33800
Journal HomeISSN : 0925-2312Semimonthly3.31700
102ElsevierInformation and Management
Journal HomeISSN : 0378-7206Bimonthly3.31700
Journal HomeISSN : 0377-2217Semimonthly3.29700
104IEEEIEEE Robotics and Automation Magazine
Journal HomeISSN : 1070-9932Quarterly3.27600
105ACMACM Transactions on Mathematical Software
Journal HomeISSN : 0098-3500Quarterly3.27500
106SpringerEmpirical Software Engineering
Journal HomeISSN : 1382-3256Quarterly3.27500
107IEEEIEEE Transactions on Software Engineering
Journal HomeISSN : 0098-5589Monthly3.27200
108SpringerMobile Networks and Applications
Journal HomeISSN : 1383-469XBimonthly3.25900
109BlackwellPhotogrammetric Record
Journal HomeISSN : 0031-868XQuarterly3.25600
110IEEEIEEE Pervasive Computing
Journal HomeISSN : 1536-1268Quarterly3.25000
111ElsevierDecision Support Systems
Journal HomeISSN : 0167-9236Bimonthly3.22200
112ElsevierInternational Journal of Medical Informatics
Journal HomeISSN : 1386-5056Monthly3.21000
Journal HomeISSN : 1539-2791Quarterly3.20000
114ACMACM Transactions on Intelligent Systems and Technology
Journal HomeISSN : 2157-6904Quarterly3.19600
115SpringerData Mining and Knowledge Discovery
Journal HomeISSN : 1384-5810Bimonthly3.16000
116IEEEIEEE Transactions on Affective Computing
Journal HomeISSN : 1949-3045Quarterly3.14900
117ElsevierJournal of the Franklin Institute
Journal HomeISSN : 0016-0032Monthly3.13900
118MatchMATCH Communications in Mathematical and in Computer Chemistry
Journal HomeISSN : 0340-6253Bimonthly3.13900
119SpringerSwarm Intelligence
Journal HomeISSN : 1935-3812Quarterly3.11500
120ElsevierSignal Processing
Journal HomeISSN : 0165-1684Monthly3.11000
121IEEEIEEE Electron Device Letters
Journal HomeISSN : 0741-3106Monthly3.04800
122ElsevierAd Hoc Networks
Journal HomeISSN : 1570-8705Bimonthly3.04700
123SpringerJournal of Intelligent Manufacturing
Journal HomeISSN : 0956-5515Bimonthly3.03500
124ACMACM Transactions on Programming Languages and Systems
Journal HomeISSN : 0164-0925Quarterly3.03300
125IEEEIEEE Microwave Magazine
Journal HomeISSN : 1527-3342Bimonthly3.02900
126SpringerJournal of Computer-Aided Molecular Design
Journal HomeISSN : 0920-654XMonthly3.02800
127ElsevierComputers and Chemical Engineering
Journal HomeISSN : 0098-1354Monthly3.02400
128SAGEHealth Informatics Journal
Journal HomeISSN : 1460-4582Quarterly3.02100
129ElsevierAdvances in Engineering Software
Journal HomeISSN : 0965-9978Monthly3.00000
Journal HomeISSN : 0018-926XMonthly2.95700
131AIPBioinspiration and Biomimetics
Journal HomeISSN : 1748-3182Quarterly2.93900
132IEEEIEEE Transactions on Biomedical Circuits and Systems
Journal HomeISSN : 1932-4545Bimonthly2.93700
133IEEEIEEE Transactions on Industry Applications
Journal HomeISSN : 0093-9994Bimonthly2.93700
134EmeraldInternet Research
Journal HomeISSN : 1066-2243Bimonthly2.93100
135WileyInternational Journal of Intelligent Systems
Journal HomeISSN : 0884-8173Monthly2.92900
136IEEEIEEE Transactions on Dependable and Secure Computing
Journal HomeISSN : 1545-5971Bimonthly2.92600
137IEEEIEEE Transactions on Computers
Journal HomeISSN : 0018-9340Monthly2.91600
138IEEEIEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing
Journal HomeISSN : 1939-1404Monthly2.91300
139IEEEIEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques
Journal HomeISSN : 0018-9480Monthly2.89700
140ElsevierEngineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence
Journal HomeISSN : 0952-1976Bimonthly2.89400
141IOS PressSemantic Web
Journal HomeISSN : 1570-0844Bimonthly2.88900
142ElsevierInternational Journal of Human Computer Studies
Journal HomeISSN : 1071-5819Monthly2.86300
143IEEEIEEE Multimedia
Journal HomeISSN : 1070-986XQuarterly2.84900
144ElsevierComputers and Security
Journal HomeISSN : 0167-4048Bimonthly2.84900
145ElsevierComputers and Structures
Journal HomeISSN : 0045-7949Monthly2.84700
146ElsevierRobotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing
Journal HomeISSN : 0736-5845Bimonthly2.84600
147ElsevierInternational Journal of Approximate Reasoning
Journal HomeISSN : 0888-613XBimonthly2.84500
148IEEEIEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics
Journal HomeISSN : 1077-2626Monthly2.84000
149SpringerFoundations of Computational Mathematics
Journal HomeISSN : 1615-3375Bimonthly2.82900
150PalgraveEuropean Journal of Information Systems
Journal HomeISSN : 0960-085XBimonthly2.81900
151IEEEIEEE Transactions on Reliability
Journal HomeISSN : 0018-9529Quarterly2.79000
152ElsevierInformation Systems
Journal HomeISSN : 0306-4379Bimonthly2.77700
153SpringerJournal of Grid Computing
Journal HomeISSN : 1570-7873Quarterly2.76600
Journal HomeISSN : 1047-7047Quarterly2.76300
155IEEEIEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters
Journal HomeISSN : 1545-598XMonthly2.76100
156ElsevierJournal of Biomedical Informatics
Journal HomeISSN : 1532-0464Bimonthly2.75300
157ElsevierJournal of Computational Physics
Journal HomeISSN : 0021-9991Semimonthly2.74400
158IEEEIEEE Transactions on Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics, and Frequency Control
Journal HomeISSN : 0885-3010Monthly2.74300
159ElsevierFuzzy Sets and Systems
Journal HomeISSN : 0165-0114Semimonthly2.71800
160SpringerAutonomous Robots
Journal HomeISSN : 0929-5593Bimonthly2.70600
161ElsevierInformation and Software Technology
Journal HomeISSN : 0950-5849Monthly2.69400
162ElsevierComputers in Industry
Journal HomeISSN : 0166-3615Bimonthly2.69100
163ElsevierAdvanced Engineering Informatics
Journal HomeISSN : 1474-0346Quarterly2.68000
164IEEEIEEE Transactions on Information Theory
Journal HomeISSN : 0018-9448Monthly2.67900
165ElsevierImage and Vision Computing
Journal HomeISSN : 0262-8856Monthly2.67100
166SpringerArtificial Intelligence Review
Journal HomeISSN : 0269-2821Bimonthly2.62700
167ElsevierAnnual Reviews in Control
Journal HomeISSN : 1367-5788Semiannual2.62700
168SpringerAutomated Software Engineering
Journal HomeISSN : 0928-8910Quarterly2.62500
169ElsevierComputers and Industrial Engineering
Journal HomeISSN : 0360-8352Bimonthly2.62300
170IEEEIEEE Transactions on Electron Devices
Journal HomeISSN : 0018-9383Monthly2.60500
171ElsevierControl Engineering Practice
Journal HomeISSN : 0967-0661Bimonthly2.60200
172ElsevierComputers and Operations Research
Journal HomeISSN : 0305-0548Monthly2.60000
173SpringerInternational Journal of Social Robotics
Journal HomeISSN : 1875-4791Quarterly2.55900
174ElsevierSystems & Control Letters
Journal HomeISSN : 0167-6911Monthly2.55000
175IEEEIEEE Journal on Emerging and Selected Topics in Circuits and Systems
Journal HomeISSN : 2156-3357Quarterly2.54200
176SpringerJournal of Infrared, Millimeter, and Terahertz Waves
Journal HomeISSN : 1866-6892Monthly2.54000
177IETIET Control Theory and Applications
Journal HomeISSN : 1751-8644Semimonthly2.53600
178ElsevierComputers and Geosciences
Journal HomeISSN : 0098-3004Monthly2.53300
179IEEEIEEE Antennas and Wireless Propagation Letters
Journal HomeISSN : 1536-1225Not Available2.53300
180IEEEIEEE Signal Processing Letters
Journal HomeISSN : 1070-9908Monthly2.52800
181MITPressComputational Linguistics
Journal HomeISSN : 0891-2017Quarterly2.52800
182SpringerInformation Systems Frontiers
Journal HomeISSN : 1387-3326Bimonthly2.52100
183ACMACM Transactions on Software Engineering and Methodology
Journal HomeISSN : 1049-331XQuarterly2.51600
184ElsevierComputer Networks
Journal HomeISSN : 1389-1286Semimonthly2.51600
185IEEEIEEE Sensors Journal
Journal HomeISSN : 1530-437XMonthly2.51200
186SpringerNeural Computing and Applications
Journal HomeISSN : 0941-0643Bimonthly2.50500
187ElsevierComputer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine
Journal HomeISSN : 0169-2607Monthly2.50300
188TaylorInternational Journal of Geographical Information Science
Journal HomeISSN : 1365-8816Monthly2.50200
189ElsevierComputer Vision and Image Understanding
Journal HomeISSN : 1077-3142Monthly2.49800
190ASPRSPhotogrammetric Engineering and Remote Sensing
Journal HomeISSN : 0099-1112Monthly2.49300
191IEEEIEEE Transactions on Human-Machine Systems
Journal HomeISSN : 2168-2291Bimonthly2.49300
192IEEEIEEE Transactions on Audio, Speech and Language Processing
Journal HomeISSN : 1558-7916Monthly2.49100
193IEEEIEEE-ACM Transactions on Audio Speech and Language Processing
Journal HomeISSN : 2329-9290Monthly2.49100
194TaylorInternational Journal of General Systems
Journal HomeISSN : 0308-1079Bimonthly2.49000
195SIAMSIAM Journal on Imaging Sciences
Journal HomeISSN : 1936-4954Quarterly2.48500
196SpringerSoft Computing
Journal HomeISSN : 1432-7643Monthly2.47200
197IEEEIEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement
Journal HomeISSN : 0018-9456Monthly2.45600
198SpringerJournal of Medical Systems
Journal HomeISSN : 0148-5598Monthly2.45600
199SpringerMathematical Programming
Journal HomeISSN : 0025-5610Monthly2.44600
200ElsevierJournal of Systems and Software
Journal HomeISSN : 0164-1212Monthly2.44400
201IEEEIEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems I: Regular Papers
Journal HomeISSN : 1549-8328Monthly2.40700
202SpringerPersonal and Ubiquitous Computing
Journal HomeISSN : 1617-4909Bimonthly2.39500
Journal HomeISSN : 1384-6175Quarterly2.39200
204ElsevierInformation Processing and Management
Journal HomeISSN : 0306-4573Bimonthly2.39100
205ElsevierJournal of Bionic Engineering
Journal HomeISSN : 1672-6529Quarterly2.38800
206SpringerRequirements Engineering
Journal HomeISSN : 0947-3602Quarterly2.38100
207SpringerStructural and Multidisciplinary Optimization
Journal HomeISSN : 1615-147XMonthly2.37700
208IEEEIEEE Intelligent Systems
Journal HomeISSN : 1541-1672Bimonthly2.37400
209ASMEJournal of Mechanisms and Robotics
Journal HomeISSN : 1942-4302Bimonthly2.37100
210ElsevierComputers and Geotechnics
Journal HomeISSN : 0266-352XBimonthly2.35800
211SharpeJournal of Management Information Systems
Journal HomeISSN : 0742-1222Quarterly2.35600
212IEEEIEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics: Systems
Journal HomeISSN : 2168-2216Monthly2.35000
213ElsevierPervasive and Mobile Computing
Journal HomeISSN : 1574-1192Bimonthly2.34900
214ElsevierDigital Signal Processing: A Review Journal
Journal HomeISSN : 1051-2004Quarterly2.33700
215SAGEMedical Decision Making
Journal HomeISSN : 0272-989XBimonthly2.33500
216TaylorInternational Journal of Production Research
Journal HomeISSN : 0020-7543Semimonthly2.32500
217WileyJournal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology
Journal HomeISSN : 1532-2882Not Available2.32200
218ACMACM Transactions on Sensor Networks
Journal HomeISSN : 1550-4859Quarterly2.32200
219ElsevierComputers and Fluids
Journal HomeISSN : 0045-7930Monthly2.31300
220ACMACM Transactions on Information Systems
Journal HomeISSN : 1046-8188Quarterly2.31200
221ASCEJournal of Computing in Civil Engineering
Journal HomeISSN : 0887-3801Bimonthly2.31000
222AIPSemiconductor Science and Technology
Journal HomeISSN : 0268-1242Monthly2.30500
223ElsevierChemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems
Journal HomeISSN : 0169-7439Monthly2.30300
224SAGESocial Science Computer Review
Journal HomeISSN : 0894-4393Bimonthly2.29300
225TaylorInternational Journal of Systems Science
Journal HomeISSN : 0020-7721Monthly2.28500
226AAAIJournal of Artificial Intelligence Research
Journal HomeISSN : 1076-9757Irregular2.28400
227IEEEIEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies
Journal HomeISSN : 1939-1382Quarterly2.26700
228IEEEJournal of Optical Communications and Networking
Journal HomeISSN : 1943-0620Monthly2.26100
229ACMACM Transactions on Multimedia Computing, Communications and Applications
Journal HomeISSN : 1551-6857Quarterly2.25000
230ElsevierSignal Processing: Image Communication
Journal HomeISSN : 0923-5965Monthly2.24400
231ACMACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction
Journal HomeISSN : 1073-0516Quarterly2.22700
232ElsevierInternational Journal of Control
Journal HomeISSN : 0020-7179Monthly2.20800
233SpringerMultimedia Systems
Journal HomeISSN : 0942-4962Bimonthly2.20700
234EmeraldIndustrial Management and Data Systems
Journal HomeISSN : 0263-5577Monthly2.20500
235SpringerMemetic Computing
Journal HomeISSN : 1865-9284Quarterly2.20500
236ElsevierComputers and Electronics in Agriculture
Journal HomeISSN : 0168-1699Monthly2.20100
237SpringerReal-Time Systems
Journal HomeISSN : 0922-6443Bimonthly2.20000
238SpringerInternational Journal of Fuzzy Systems
Journal HomeISSN : 1562-2479Quarterly2.19800
239WileyInternational Journal for Numerical Methods in Biomedical Engineering
Journal HomeISSN : 2040-7939Monthly2.19200
240IEEEIEEE Software
Journal HomeISSN : 0740-7459Bimonthly2.19000
241ElsevierJournal of Visual Communication and Image Representation
Journal HomeISSN : 1047-3203Bimonthly2.16400
Journal HomeISSN : 0138-9130Monthly2.14700
243ACMACM Transactions on Autonomous and Adaptive Systems
Journal HomeISSN : 1556-4665Quarterly2.13300
244IEEEJournal of Microelectromechanical Systems
Journal HomeISSN : 1057-7157Bimonthly2.12400
245WileyWiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
Journal HomeISSN : 1942-4787Bimonthly2.11100
246ACMACM Transactions on Information and System Security
Journal HomeISSN : 1094-9224Quarterly2.10300
247SAGEInternational Journal of High Performance Computing Applications
Journal HomeISSN : 1094-3420Quarterly2.09700
248IEEEComputing in Science and Engineering
Journal HomeISSN : 1521-9615Bimonthly2.07400
249IEEEIEEE Circuits and Systems Magazine
Journal HomeISSN : 1531-636XQuarterly2.07100
250SpringerBiomedical Microdevices
Journal HomeISSN : 1387-2176Quarterly2.06200
251EmeraldJournal of Knowledge Management
Journal HomeISSN : 1367-3270Bimonthly2.05300
252SpringerStatistics and Computing
Journal HomeISSN : 0960-3174Quarterly2.05100
253SpringerCluster Computing
Journal HomeISSN : 1386-7857Quarterly2.04000
254SpringerJournal of Real-Time Image Processing
Journal HomeISSN : 1861-8200Quarterly2.01000
255ElsevierArtificial Intelligence in Medicine
Journal HomeISSN : 0933-3657Monthly2.00900
256ACMACM SIGCOMM Computer Communication Review
Journal HomeISSN : 0146-4833Bimonthly2.00800
257SpringerMachine Vision and Applications
Journal HomeISSN : 0932-8092Bimonthly2.00500
258SpringerKnowledge and Information Systems
Journal HomeISSN : 0219-1377Monthly2.00400
259IEEEIEEE Transactions on Haptics
Journal HomeISSN : 1939-1412Quarterly2.00000
260ElsevierPattern Recognition Letters
Journal HomeISSN : 0167-8655Monthly1.99500
261SpringerJournal of Mathematical Imaging and Vision
Journal HomeISSN : 0924-9907Monthly1.99400
262IEEEIEEE Communications Letters
Journal HomeISSN : 1089-7798Monthly1.98800
263IEEEIEEE Computer Graphics and Applications
Journal HomeISSN : 0272-1716Bimonthly1.98700
264IEEEIEEE Transactions on Aerospace and Electronic Systems
Journal HomeISSN : 0018-9251Quarterly1.97500
265SpringerEurasip Journal on Advances in Signal Processing
Journal HomeISSN : 1687-6180Irregular1.96100
266IEEEIEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics
Journal HomeISSN : 1545-5963Bimonthly1.95500
267WileyMolecular Informatics
Journal HomeISSN : 1868-1743Monthly1.95500
268ElsevierElectronic Commerce Research and Applications
Journal HomeISSN : 1567-4223Bimonthly1.95400
269ElsevierSimulation Modelling Practice and Theory
Journal HomeISSN : 1569-190XMonthly1.95400
270ElsevierRobotics and Autonomous Systems
Journal HomeISSN : 0921-8890Monthly1.95000
271TaylorInternational Journal of Computer Integrated Manufacturing
Journal HomeISSN : 0951-192XMonthly1.94900
272ElsevierEuropean Journal of Control
Journal HomeISSN : 0947-3580Bimonthly1.94400
273IEEEIEEE Transactions on Computer-Aided Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems
Journal HomeISSN : 0278-0070Monthly1.94200
274MITPressNeural Computation
Journal HomeISSN : 0899-7667Monthly1.93800
275InderscienceInternational Journal of Bio-Inspired Computation
Journal HomeISSN : 1758-0366Bimonthly1.93500
Journal HomeISSN : 0272-1732Bimonthly1.93300
277ElsevierJournal of Parallel and Distributed Computing
Journal HomeISSN : 0743-7315Monthly1.93000
Journal HomeISSN : 0018-9197Monthly1.91700
279SpringerMedical and Biological Engineering and Computing
Journal HomeISSN : 0140-0118Monthly1.91600
280SpringerInternational Journal of Information Security
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