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Anna Kiesenhofer mathematician and olympian

Anna Kiesenhofer mathematician and olympian

Anna Kiesenhofer mathematician and olympian

 Anna Kiesenhofer (born 14 February 1991) is an Austrian cyclist, mathematician and olympian. She is as of now a postdoctoral individual in science at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL). Kiesenhofer won the gold award in the ladies' individual street race in the delayed 2020 Summer Olympics held in 2021, the primary Summer Olympics gold decoration for Austria since 2004 and their first cycling Olympic gold award since 1896.

Academic career

Anna Kiesenhofer studied mathematics at the Technical University of Vienna (2008–11), finishing her Master's certificate at University of Cambridge (2011–12). She acquired her PhD at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia with her proposition on Integrable frameworks on b-symplectic manifolds in 2016. Kiesenhofer is as of now a postdoctoral scientist at the Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL) and is important for a gathering investigating nonlinear incomplete differential conditions which emerge in numerical material science.

Cycling career

Kiesenhofer took part in marathon and duathlon from 2011 to 2013. After a physical issue, she needed to restrict her running and accordingly focused on cycling from 2014. She joined the Catalan group Frigoríficos Costa Brava – Naturalium. In 2015, she took part in cyclo-sports, including the Gran Fondo New York, which closes at Mont Ventoux, and which she won. She entered the Tour de l'Ardèche yet she was the casualty of a fall on the principal stage. She neglected to recuperate and after a few troublesome stages chose to withdraw. 

In 2016, Anna Kiesenhofer won the Coupe d'Espagne. In September, she participated in the Tour de l'Ardèche in the global group. On the third stage, the primary breakaway began at the twelfth kilometer. It was made out of Dani Christmas, Anna Plichta, Sara Olsson, Vita Heine and Silvia Valsecchi. Twenty kilometers away, they were joined by Kiesenhofer. In the plummet of the pass of Murs, the gathering were seven minutes and 25 seconds ahead. After Blavac, Anna Plichta went off alone and she had a lead of brief thirty at the foot of Mont Ventoux. On the rising Kiesenhofer joined her. She won the stage by very nearly four minutes over Flávia Oliveira and she started to lead the pack in the generally standings. The following day, Flávia Oliveira got away thusly and she took Kiesenhofer's pink jersey. She kept her second spot in the general standings until the finish of the race.

In July 2021, as Austria's sole agent in the 137 km-long Olympic ladies' street race in Tokyo, Japan, Anna Kiesenhofer won the gold decoration in the race, crossing the end goal 75 seconds before Annemiek van Vleuten. Kiesenhofer prepared for the occasion without a mentor or an expert group, and was not seen as a competitor to win a medal. In the race, she started a breakaway from the beginning, and was joined by four other competitors. With 86 km to go, the main gathering, presently down to Kiesenhofer, Omer Shapira, and Anna Plichta, framed a 10-minute benefit over the pursuing peloton. Kiesenhofer split away without help from anyone else for the last 41 km while climbing the Kagosaka Pass, dropping Shapira and Plichta, who were subsequently gotten by the peloton. Many in the peloton, including Van Vleuten, completed the race ignorant that Kiesenhofer was still before them. Kiesenhofer later said she "was unable to accept" she won adding that she would have been content with a best 25 finish. CNN called it "probably the greatest shock in Olympics history.