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Check Your Grammar - Paper Rater


Check Your Grammar - Paper Rater

One of available online tool that we can use to check our grammar - Paper Rater.
This is the Paper Rater page. Copy paste your paragraph to the box below.
You also need to fill in other field such as Title, Works Cited (just put Nil if you don't have one) and choose answer for multiple choice for others question. For academic purpose, you can choose Research Paper. Then click button Get Report.

Then, you will be forwarded to this page.
You can choose to see various type of reports by clicking the menu in your right as Figure below.
You check you plagiarism percentage, spelling, grammar and other reports. Below is the plagiarism report. See - no plagiarism :) Clap2 to myself :)

Below is the grammar report - this one has no grammar error.

But if you have one, this is how the notification will show.

That's all for now. This is just one of tool that we can use to check our grammar. Will discuss other tool in the coming post. :)