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7 Tips to Increase Your Citation Score



7 Tips to Increase Your Journal Citation Score

Publishing research articles in academia is very important. Together, getting many sources to cite your research work shows the strength of your research contribution. The main factor of getting low citations of good journal publication is having low visibility among the scientific community. In this article, we provides 7 easy tips to increase your journal citation score in Google Scholar, Research Gate, and Web of Science and so on.

1. Consistent Author Name

  • Author names are identifiers of the work which helps another researcher to find the exact research work.
  • Usage of consistent name format throughout the academic career may strengthen your journal citation score.
  • If your articles are published in an inconsistent name in several publications, it will be difficult for citation databases to index your citation.

2. SEO for an Article

  • Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is the key factor which will help your article to get easy organic visibility in people to search your keyword in search engines.
  • Proper usage of targeted keywords in the title, abstract, and keyword area will help search engines to rank your article in the top position of the search result page.
  • Obviously, the good visibility of your article in the organic search will get a higher chance of getting a citation.

3. Publish Data Sets

  • Once you published your article in a journal, you can also publish your datasets online.
  • Datasets are directly linked with your research work, so people who use your datasets also cite your article.
  • Publishing datasets are good practice to increase your research visibility.

4. High impact journal Publication

  • Select top tire journals to publish your article.
  • Many researchers trust in papers published in high impact factor journals.

Also, citing a more trusted source will also increase the acceptance ratio of a manuscript.

5. Publish a Review Paper to Increase Citation Score

  • It is a proven strategy that, publishing a review paper to get more citation.
  • Many researchers find review papers to get a better understanding of the research work they carry out.
  • publishing a good quality review in the high impact factor journal will increase your citation score.

6. Publish in Open Access Journals

  • Open access journals (OAJ) are freely accessible journals, which will easily downloadable from the internet.
  • The wide availability of the OA journals will improve your citation score without any doubt.

7. Share online pre-prints in Social Media

  • Pre-prints are quick formatted journal articles which are available from many journals.
  • Share your research pre-prints in social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, ResearchGate, and Reddit(r/Science).
  • Free availability of your new findings online ensures more citations of our work.

Hope, this article helps you to know the tips of increasing citations of published research articles.